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When you have a baby you get a lot of advice. Nummies was born because of two pieces of advice I was given after my first arrived.   

Nummies was his word for breastfeeding.  Some wise mamas suggested to me early on that I teach my kids a word that I didnt mind being shouted in the grocery store.

Am I ever glad I listened to that advice.  

When I became a mom, I looked for nursing bras that had function and beauty, that made me feel and look my best, but I just couldnt find them.  Did I have to leave my love of beautiful bras behind me.

I believe that women who breastfeed their children are beautiful.  Nummies bras and panties are made to accentuate your body and lighten your spirit.  Now you dont have to give up your sense of style simply because you are nursing.  

Nummies bras are named after women who have been instrumental in my mothering journey so far.  I want to thank these women for being such wonderful examples, teachers and friends. When my son was six weeks old I met a friend who gave me my other piece of advice on breastfeeding. She said, smile at your children when you hold them, and wear a great brabecause trust me, theyre looking.

- Love, Alison

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