Nummies Perfect Fit Video

Thank you for checking out the Nummies Perfect Fit Video. This is a tool for retailers to learn more about bra fitting. We hope the video will help you help your customers find the best product for them. Special Thanks to Shana from Tryst Lingerie in Toronto for being a part of this project and sharing her expertise with us.

The video is 11 min, 30 sec and answers the following questions:

  • What is the first thing to ask women when they come in to be fit for a nursing bra
  • How do we measure a pregnant woman for a nursing bra
  • How do we figure out band and cup size
  • When is the best time during pregnancy to be fit for a nursing bra
  • How many bras should women ideally buy
  • What does a perfectly fit nursing bra look like
  • Special tips for finding the perfect fit
  • How to know if the fit isn’t right and then what to do about it
  • Information about nursing pads, underwire, engorgement
  • How to properly care for your bras
  • Questions for moms who are are already nursing and how to find their perfect fit